Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Comments on Shahid Aziz

The first time I saw this gentleman was in training area in Cholistan ...he was a brigade major and smoked beereee....then he wrote an article for Citadel Command and Staff College in 1993 on which I sent a critique to the staff that article he had said that the true Islamic leader must have a quality called FAHAM ...but what was his FAHAM.....having a good time and keeping his mouth shut while in service.....not disagreeing with any 1993 he was posted to command a brigade in Okara....there in December 1993 I was umpire with the tank regiment leading his brigade in counter attack....the exercise was a total hoax....all pre planned with no element of uncertainty which would happen in war....i was umpire with 33 Cavalry leading his brigade and when contact with enemy was established i made his brigade attack from the longer march direction would happen in war....i wanted to criticise this big fraud exercise but jahangir karamats CGS banned majors from attending the that time the army wsas totally non professional led by General Kakar a totally parochial and non professional man....his parochialism was agreed to by no one less than General Musharraf

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pavocavalry said...

CORRECTION TO THE COMMENTS:--Kakar was the army chief and it was Jahangir Karamats Chief of Staff who banned majors from attending the debriefing....its possible that the Chief Umpire warned these clowns about my November 1983 the major tactical exercise of Junior Officer Leadership was repeated because of my criticism made in the debriefings....but then the commandant infantry school was Brig (LATER THREE STAR GENERAL) a man much bigger professionally than Karamat,Kakar or Shahid Aziz,Brigadier Simon who gave the comments I quoted was then one of our instructors