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Pakistani CGS sees light of the day after retirement and getting all the perks and privileges from the army

It has been said/reported that in 1988 or 1989 then Lieut Colonel Shahid Aziz had sought retirement from the army on the grounds that he was unable to make the ends meet. However he did take back this request and continued to three star rank.

What he now says is to some extent true but the irony is that these generals see light of the day after retirement.


What he says about some events I could not find evidence like US link with Indians in BLA ......I seriously think that USA at least till 2006 was not in league with Indians on BLA......and what he is now saying about Pakistan's denuclearisation I have been saying since 1999 right till 2008 when Musharraf was in power this time the general was having a good time in the army.....where was his conscience when he was sitting in the CRORE COMMANDERS CONFERENCES.....WHY DID HE NOT RESIGN OVER A MATTER OF CONVICTION ?



Is there War On Terror yet?

By SHAHID AZIZ submitted 19 hours 55 minutes ago

The search for Osama bin Laden is a hoax. The US has been in occupation of Afghanistan for seven years, and not one Allied soldier is involved in this search. Thousands of Afghans have been killed, but not one has lost his life defending Osama. NATO is here only to crush the resistance to illegitimate US occupation of Afghanistan. And Pakistan was slowly coerced to join, as an abettor in the crime.

When we talk of War On Terror, we are only concerned with the method of waging war, not the reasons for the conflict, which for Afghanistan, lie buried in close to three decades of brutal exploitation. Acts of terrorism are mere tactics. If we dispute tactics with the Afghan Taliban, how else do they fight an international US-European coalition in occupation of their homeland? It is being said that "discussion of root causes can blur the immorality of terrorism and encourage it", and that "any group utilising terror, regardless of their goal, makes their cause illegitimate." Tactics are under dispute, but the cause of war is not to be debated. The only solution accepted by the West is use of brute force to terrorise the population into submitting their will. If this is 'war', then in war 'suicide bombing' is a legitimate weapon. There can be no debate on the methodology of war; the Kamikaze pilots were war heroes and not criminals. Whether this is sanctioned by religion, is another matter altogether, and of no concern to the Coalition Forces. What targets are chosen - the rules are applicable to both sides, as are for collateral damage.

Pakistan was a reluctant collaborator in this war. The reason for its entry was simply state terrorism: we were terrorised into supporting this war on 'terrorism', which has now become "our war", since we have no other way to justify it. The US threatened to declare us a terrorist state and "bomb Pakistan into the stone ages." India, meanwhile, lobbied and offered to provide bases for simultaneous tackling of Pakistan and Afghanistan - "get over with both problems in one go", was their bid. Pakistan was isolated and without confidence to defend itself. Then, we were lucky that the US decided to tackle one problem at a time. Now, the second step is unfolding, as we sit back and continue to pretend that we are fighting for our own good.

There was never a formalised considered decision by the Government of Pakistan to join the US War On Terror, as an ally. It came in bits and pieces and grew over time, starting from neutrality and non-interference, and growing up to the level of our current no-holds-barred involvement. To begin with, no agreements were made and no terms of engagement finalised. Neither the end goals nor even the enemy was identified. It was decided that we would stay out of the conflict. The fact that this conflict was in our neighbourhood and had roots within us somehow didn't seem to matter. Such were the imperatives.

The first role assigned to the Army was to search out the Tribal Areas and to "empty the pond of crocodiles." Great emphasis was laid on this by the CENTCOM. The Army engaged with the tribes in Waziristan to search out and seek eviction of foreigners - mostly Arabs and Uzbeks. Meanwhile, the US invasion unfolded from the north and swept towards our borders, with no information to us about their plans and whereabouts. Their operations halted when they closed up to Tora Bora, allowing the Taliban to fall back to these cave hideouts. Then, in one huge push, all the remnants were driven into Pakistan. All this while, we were being harassed to go house to house in search of 'crocodiles', and could not prevent this influx of militants from across the border. It ended in more bitterness and more distrust between the two armies.

Why the operation was not launched from the south, to sever the Taliban from their base and push them against the anvil of Northern Alliance was an enigma, since the air bases were to be located here, the supplies were to move through Pakistan and even an amphibious landing was to be staged on our shores. This could only be understood in retrospect - a built in design to push the militants into Pakistan.

Indians were the first non-allied elements to arrive in Kabul, after it was secured. They were allowed ingress into all that was happening, and asked to assist the Afghans in establishing various government departments and security apparatus. Today, there is a large Indian presence in Afghanistan, with a number of consulates operating along Pakistan's border and functioning as intelligence bases. India, the only country with which Pakistan has a history of hostility, was brought in and established behind our back, by our own coalition partner - the US.

Under US patronage, Indians are training, arming and financing Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), which was declared a terrorist organisation by most countries, less the US. Truck loads of arms and ammunition has been flowing into Balochistan from across the Afghan border, for a number of years. The involvement of Indians in our Tribal Areas with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has also been known for some time. Government of Pakistan has repeatedly declared the "presence of foreign hand" in sustaining them, without having actually named India or their sponsors, the US.

When the Kashmir jihad was at its peak, Israeli advisors, with vast experience of handling Palestinian freedom fighters, arrived in Srinagar. Our intelligence reported that on MOSSAD's advice Indians were to raise their own Mujahedeen. And soon, there were bomb blasts in market places, rape, arson and plunder by these Indian Mujahedeen, and cases of throwing acid on unveiled women. All this was done, in the name of Islam, to discredit the struggle in the eyes of the population. Today, the same theme is playing in our Tribal Areas and from there into the rest of the country. Perhaps, this is only the visible tip of the iceberg. The presence of Indians on our Western border is a strategic dilemma for Pakistan, created by our so-called friends. What nefarious forms of threat generate from here, today, is quite visible; what will unfold in the future is yet to come.

With no end goals or specified objectives and no visible intent to find a solution, it is now understood that the US has established a permanent presence in the region. In addition to the double envelopment of both Iran and Pakistan, it has placed itself at the strategic crossroads - once enviously sought after by the Soviets. They would not only contest Russian and Chinese influence in the region, but also retain the ability to magnify trouble in Chinese Muslim territories, thereby sowing seeds of conflict between China and the Muslim World - a strategy in waiting. And of course, one cannot overlook the disarmament of Pakistan, in connivance with its accomplice India.


Zeemax said...


I have never subscribed to the criticism that why didn't they say it before, and/or resign. The Army has it's own loyalty & discipline. They have an oath towards that. If the Army Officers were to start criticising and resigning over their seniors' decisions, there would be chaos, and no army as a result.

The question to be asked after reading this article (there was another one yesterday which I quoted in a comment to the post below) is what is factually incorrect in his statements?

pavocavalry said...

there are few points i would like to add :---

1-the true motivation of the hopeless tinpot paki military junta was getting US paki general habibullah khan khattak is on record having said that pakistan is a beautiful woman which must sell itself to the highest bidder....the real reason why the paki military junta became a subsidiary US dog catcher was not because it was pushed but because it wanted dollars...and it did get many billion US dollars in name of UBL.......the same was pakistani motivation in 1978-1988 because the paki military junta was a politically illegitimate bastard child so it requested USA TO BECOME ITS FATHER....SAME WAS CASE OF REQUEST OF FINDING A FATHER WHO COULD GIVE US DOLLARS IN CASE OF MUSH....AND SHAHID AZIZ WAS THE MAN EXECUTING ALL THE US DOG CATCHING INSTRUCTIONS

pavocavalry said...


He and many like him are resonsible for Pakistans predicaments today. They are wiser after the event. An article as naive as this, does not suit the acumen of a person who has been Director Military Operations, Director General Military Operations. CGS and a Corps Commander in the most eventful times of Pakistan's history.

I am amazed by this man's many standards. I happened to work with him when he was the DMO, DGMO and later CGS and could only burn myself.

Invasion of Afghanistan took place when he was the DGMO and he was clueless about what was happening. He was told that we must impress on USA, that the sanctity of Pashtun areas must be respected, elsewise, the backwash will make it a Pakistan's war in FATA. That was in September and he could neither comprehend nor understand.

Later when he was CGS, I flooded him with some very accurate analysis that are now proven correct by history, but to no avail. These papers just got piled up.

Working with him in 1999, I had laid out similar assesemnts in my National Security Paper. Because what I gave out in the paper was not music to ears, this man rediculed me for over an hour.

Now he writes apologist columns for a vision he never had. It is worse that having been at such prized appoitments in such tumultous times, he displays the ignorance he does.

pavocavalry said...

the oath does not mean that you say yes to all or illegal...after all Sahibzada Yaqub resigned when asked to act against his conscience....Marshal Layatuey of France refused orders to abandon Algeria in First World War

pavocavalry said...

the scenario in which an officer may disagree with his seniors i have discussed in an article published in PAKISTAN ARMY JOURNAL in MARCH 1991....that was General Begs time so criticism was tolerated in the army...PAKISTAN ARMY JOURNAL is the official journal of Pakistan Army....but then came Asif Nawaz who was good in spit and polish only and then came Kakar...totally non professional and parochial and with mindset of a Havaldar

pavocavalry said...

what he is saying should have been done in 2001....but at that time these generals were like dogs with tails tucked in below...what he is saying is too the USA has deeply penetrated and is all set to reduce pakistan to size

pavocavalry said...

name of my article was ORDERS AND OBEDIENCE ,Captain Agha Humayun Amin,Pakistan Army Journal,March 1991

Majumdar said...

Amin sahib,

What do you make of Gen sahib's article though? Is what he is saying in line with reality or is he just parroting some line of army apologists blaming all ills on India?


pavocavalry said...

these generals are barren people 1965 they miserably failed at Khem Karan despite a 7 to 1 superiority in tanks....what he is saying is that army is great musharraf was bad , USA is bad , all faults lies with all others except pakistans army and tinpot generals

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