Sunday, September 21, 2008

Islamabad Blast Some Initial Reflections

Who did it :---

1- The Americans would put the blanket name AL QAEDA
2-Any third party trying to mobilise public opinion in Pakistan against the Islamists and to rationalise Pakistani rulers collaboration with USA
3-The Islamists

I am reminded of Graham Greene's book in which the subject of US CIA involvement in some blasts in Vietnam in early 1960s is discussed. I am reminded of Hitlers attack on Reichstag by fire and then blaming the Jews.


1-Severe moral impact
2-PPP govt given a reason to collaborate with USA
3-Severe impact on Pakistan's image and severe erosion of remaining investor confidence in Afghanistan thus making it far easier for USA to economically coerce Pakistan
4-That any state atrocity against the Islamists and the tribal Pashtuns is morally legitimate

BENEFICIARY :---THE USA and its Anglo Saxon Atalantic Rim Alliance


Zeemax said...

Who did it ...?

It would depend on what was the intended target.

If it was random, it would be #2. If however it was a second-choice target (original being the Parliament as is being speculated), it would have to be #3 i.e. Pakistani Taliban. If however there was some US Marine activity in the hotel's 4th and 5th floors as is being reliably reported in the press, it would be #1 i.e. the Afghan Arabs/Uzbeks.

Zeemax said...

But Pavo, I'm intrigued by the Law Minister Farook Naek's terming it as Pakistan's 9/11. Did he mean it metaphorically as a major disaster, or did he mean something more?

Considering the invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11, is this a precursor for actual military occupation of tribal areas by the US?

I guess the answer will be what emerges from Zardari's US visit starting today. There are two opinions what he will say to Bush. One is that he will use this as justification for full US military invilvement within Pakistan's borders, and the other is he now has the opportunity to tell US exactly the opposite - to stop the cross border attacks!

What do you think he will do?

pavocavalry said...

9/11 they are saying in the sense that this would justofy total and slavish collaboration with USA .....which was re-plannedalready an year ago when musharraf did the NRO.....this blast wouldbesoldto public as a valid reason for all out subjugation of pakistan to USA....all planned in advance.......parliament was not the target.....with all eyes on parliament on 20th Marriott was a preplanned target for various reasons....gaining cheap public research of such operations in afghanistan for my clients as a security study in 2006 indicates that this truck device was assembled within 1 to 2 km radius of the studies indicate that radio controlled devises can also be used with bribed decoys who dont know the whole story....if u study US secret ops they were involved in many terrorist activities eg Red Brigades in Europe to discredit communists......the examples are countless

Majumdar said...

Amin sahib,

You were referring to a possible Big incident in the next two weeks, it could have been this had the Parliament been the real target.


PS: Hope that your (and Zee sahibs and others) folks are all safe.

Anonymous said...