Monday, November 17, 2008

Re Mustafa Kamal - Can't believe Dawn did this:

From FP Magazine:

Thank you for your email. Dawn has already published the following clarification:

Link: Dawn 13 November 2008

Still, it’s true that the newspaper has not published a correction or taken responsibility for incorrectly reporting the story.

Jina Hassan
Media & Public Relations Coordinator


Dear Jina,

It appears Dawn published it in their online beta version on the new .net domain still under testing (to appease you) which no one reads, but not in their regular .com site, which is the same as the print edition. Quite smart on their part I guess.

Here're the links for the regular 13th November online version as well as the scanned print edition. One needs to register for the print edition and go to archives. The clarification doesn't appear on either.

Sorry to nitpick about this, but it's become a huge controversy. FP may forget about it if it's too much trouble.



No further comment is necessary I guess. Dawn would not want trouble showing up at its doors.