Thursday, November 27, 2008

Raiders of the Taj:

Who is this person?


The classic Urban Guerrilla. Reminds me of the Black September raid at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Could it be a neo-Symbionese Liberation Army?


pavocavalry said...

research has proved that many so called terrorist groups were CIA financed like the Baader Meinhoff gang etc....this is so in many countries including India Pakistan etc.

Pakistan will be the main loser in this affair and I think that its designers had this intention.

Zeemax said...

Any idea what's written on the t-shirt? More clips have emerged and all are wearing the same t-shirts. It's a small army.

pavocavalry said...

this is some kind of topi drama,the aim being to make india mobilise and deploy its forces against pakistan...there will be severe grave consequences for both india and pakistan....if the BJP wins the next elections

Zeemax said...


I find it very hard to believe a couple of dozen young men would be willing to shoot their way into a situation where the chances of their coming out alive would be zero, for someone else's topi drama.

This is no drama. This is a properly trained and equipped urban guerrilla force from some group/s inside India. Certainly not the rural LeT Jihadi types as India is claiming. They're masters at underestimating a situation.

Brigadier (retired) Samson Simon Sharaf said...

Read my Blog.
I have summed up the situation as per my assesment. Pray I have erred.
He is the typical Latin America Type Urban Terrorist.Nopw you know why the Latin Americain expert Negro was around?

Zeemax said...


Which blog? Link please.

There were South African black commandos at Taj said to have come for advance security plans of the S.African Cricket Team. Were there any Latin American experts too?

eda said...