Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anniversary of the Benazir 'Will'.

“To the officials and members of Pakistan Peoples Party, I say that I was honoured to lead you. No leader could be so proud of their party, their dedication, devotion and discipline to the mission of Quaid-i-Awam Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for a federal democratic and egalitarian Pakistan as I have been proud of you.

“I salute your courage and your sense of honour. I salute you for standing by your sister through two military dictatorships.

“I fear for the future of Pakistan. Please continue the fight against extremism, dictatorship, poverty and ignorance. I would like my husband Asif Ali Zardari to lead in this interim period until you and he decided what is best. I say this because he is a man of courage and honour. He spent eleven and a half years in prison without bending despite torture. He has the political stature to keep our party united.

“I wish all of you success in fulfilling the manifesto of our party and in serving the downtrodden, discriminated and oppressed people of Pakistan. Dedicate yourself to freeing them from poverty and backwardness as you have done in the past.”

Signed, Benazir Bhutto.

(Highlights mine)


"was; I have been":I haven't seen any person referring to oneself in the past tense while still alive writing a will.

"this interim period": What interim period? It could only be in case of a sudden death. It would not cover the possibility if she was incapacitated otherwise or died a natural death from terminal illness.

Did she write other wills to cover those possibilities? Or did she know there was only one possibility?

Now the fruit loop will argue "... she knew she was going to be assassinated ... she wrote it in a bout of depression and a sense of impending doom ... etc".

But she certainly didn't behave as if in depression or even aware of the very real danger. Underestimated it immensely. She actually thought she was under some divine protection emanating from her voters and no one could touch her. Even after the October 18 attack on her cavalcade, she foolishly continued to attend open rallies in false bravado.

This 'Will' was beyond doubt written posthumously. It plugs all the holes necessary to be plugged for smooth succession by her husband.

The anniversary of the 'will' should be celebrated as perhaps the biggest and most efficient scam of the history of the country, as well as the one which the most number of people fell for and continue to do.


islamabadobserver said...

I am not sure about the authanticity of the image as, officially it has not been made public. However considering it to be genuine, I would add that ‘will’ written by a person is supposed to be opened after his/her death. It is normal to use ‘past tense’ even in ‘professional will writing’ as it wont appear before people when person is still alive.

It genuineness or otherwise can be verified by any handwriting expert and I believe if it is not written by Benazir Bhutto, then it might not had made public.

Zeemax said...


I am not sure about the authenticity of the image as, officially it has not been made public.

My comment was on the Will's content, not the image which may not have been officially made public (but available nevertheless). The text is what Zardari announced it is.

... genuineness or otherwise can be verified by any handwriting expert and I believe if it is not written by Benazir Bhutto, then it might not had made public.

But you just said it has not been made public. The handwriting expert doesn't come in in that case.

However, it's the content which many people (several in PPP high leadership) consider dubious.

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