Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lt. Gen Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani (r) July 1928 - 1 Nov 2008

God Bless, and R.I.P.

The landmark Geo interview of the ex-Corps Commander of Rawalpindi, dated 2nd June 2008, in which he made important revelations which started the landslide pressure on Musharraf's impeachment, ultimately forcing Musharraf to resign in August.

Host: Shahid Masood
Guest: Lt.Gen (r) Jamshed Gulzar Ahmed Kiyani

The major revelations were:

- Musharraf kept the Prime Minister of the time, Nawaz Sharif alongwith the entire Federal Cabinet out of the loop on Kargil, and the briefings were superficial not giving the whole story. The questions raised by important functionaries including the then Foreign Minister, Sartaj Aziz, were never answered in the briefings. Even the Naval Commander was left uninformed of details of the plan.

- The subsequent hijacking case resulting in removal of elected Government of Nawaz Sharif was no more than a 'story', and hinted the plane in question was a chartered one - not a commercial flight, and with no fare-paying passengers in it.

- That White-Phosphorous bombs were dropped on Jamia/Hafsa, containing chemical pellets which stick to the flesh and burn through to the bone.*

- That as Chairman of the Public Service Commission (after retirement), he was under pressure to hire nominees of Shaukat Aziz. When he insisted on merit, he was asked to resign but refused. For that he was dismissed and appealed to the Supreme Court, where his case is still pending.

*Later there was criticism he was wrong and didn't know the difference between harmless smoke bombs and chemical weapons.

The counter-criticism however was that if an infantry officer was promoted all the way to Lt. General without knowing that difference, and later made Corps Commander of strategically the most important Corps in the country, that would raise very serious doubts on the entire military establishment of the Pakistan Army. That immediately quietened the objections towards Gen Kiyani's statement.


Anonymous said...

I knew him at a personal level for over 40 years.
He was my elder brother Major Joseph Sharaf's platoon mate. Passed out as a Seniot Under Officer and Joined the Baloch Regiment. He was an insructor at Staff College Quetta when I was a student there in 1985.
Our contacts became more frequent when as President of the St. Mary's Old Students, he graced every function and specially inquired about my brother.

He was appointed Commander 10 Corps when I was the Deputy Director Military Operations. Usually during joint cabinet meetings, I had the honour of giving presentations/criticisms on the economic issues. Shaukat Aziz was always wary of me and would bring the Chief Executive Musharraf briefed with pre concieved notions. With my turn on the Power Point, I would take the bull by the horns. What invariably would follow was a very heated discussion spearheaded by Gen Aziz the then CGS supported by Gen Gulzar. During breaks he would appreciate me for keeping up the fortes of character, national intersets and soldiering to fore.

Though I understood, I was ruining myself, he was always very very supportive.

It were men such as him who gave me the motivation and courage to call spade a spade and be on record to what Pakistan was to face within a decade.

Alas! If Musharraf had followed half the suggestions, Pakistan would have been an Asian Tiger today. But then Musharraf never understood who was truly sincere and who was a licker.

Jamshed Gulzar was one such person.

May his soul rest in Peace.

Brigadier (Retired) Samson Simon Sharaf

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