Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Foreign Policy Magazine ranks Mustafa Kamal 2nd best Mayor in the world - Is this a joke?

TR: Altaf Hussain, out of emotions, kissing Mustafa Kamal on the cheek for being ranked 2nd best Mayor in the world.

Foreign Policy Magazine - The 2008 Global Cities Index: The Rankings

Karachi is at No. 57 behind Dacca.

It appears where the No. 2 idea came from, was from the Mayors of the Moment mentioned by the same Magazine consisting of three names and acknowledging their potential. The Nos. 17, 57 and 59. The second mentioned is Mustafa Kamal.

Does this mean he has been ranked #2 Mayor in the world?

No innocent mistake here of-course. It is party policy to mislead.

Now people will hear this claim the rest of their lives along with the erstwhile claim that Karachi produces 70% of Pakistan's revenue. Most will even believe it.


Majumdar said...

Well, I am surprised that Shenzhen and Guangzhou (Canton) are rated so low.


Zeemax said...


Aren't you surprised how blatantly MQM is able to tell lies?

Re Shenzhen and Guangzhou, both are cesspools :)

pavocavalry said...

all history of pakistan is lies so i am not surprised at this one also.....nothing good to be expected from any pakistani general or politician....does pakistan exist at all...i think it ceased to exist when it declared its majority provinces majority a parity at gunpoint in 1956

Zeemax said...


Parity was the right decision given that East Pakistan was an exclave with a huge cultural and geographical distance in between.

There would have been no problem if Urdu had not been forced down East Pakistan's throat. Bengal's culture would never allow dilution of its rich and distinct identity.

pavocavalry said...

the fact is that jinnah told mountbatten that he did not want east bengal without calcutta.mountbatten had no objection but it was the all india congress that dod not agree to a third country..there are many references including HV Hodson

pavocavalry said...

so if parity was right decision then we should have parity of 50 % with ounjab and frontier as one unit of 50 % and sindh and balochistan as another unit of 50 % and before 1971 punjabis wanted funds allocated not as per population as east bengal would have got more but now punjabis want funds allocated as per population as per majority,these are all glaring contradictions !

pavocavalry said...

note that all three wars were started by pakistan:--



3-1971-- a direct result of criminal discrimination of east bengal by west pakistan at gunpoint with threat of dissolution of east bengal assembly right from 1948--no indian conspiracy as is the popular pakistani version


Zeemax said...


The comparison is hardly valid since Punjab/NWFP are not remote exclaves as East Pakistan. In fact, it was always subsidized by West Pakistan from its fiscal resources.

Was there an NFC award before 1971? I don't recall any. The division of funds at that time would have been according to parity.

Re the formula for division of funds now, whether it is on basis of population or revenue, on both counts Punjab/NWFP combined will get more than 70%.

It could be on developmental needs (which Baluchistan demands) but that is highly debatable. After all, if development is something other than for the population, what else is it?

islamabadobserver said...

I thought that you are being a little partial! I am sorry for that!

Just spoken to Gina Hassan of Foreign Policy Magazine and she confirmed that FPM has never ranked Mustafa Kamal as a 'Second Best Mayor", it was just a part of an article.

Manipulation again...

But, gun is there to prove it, can we challange the gun?

Mainstream media wont be able to expose this scam! MQM wins in the end when gun rules the and me are failure.

islamabadobserver said...

This is not an appropriate place but I wish to challange Sir pavocavalry on his distorted facts about Punjab and Pashtuns, I wish he can start a separate topic on his blog or debate the issue on my blog, but he will always put comments under 'moderation' and wont publish on his blog.

Tribes, any where in world, are still in business of women, drugs, arms........all of that, I am not willing to call anyone 'brave' who sells every thing, from loyality to women and drugs.

But Punjabi's alsohave contribution against occupation, calling an entire region to be cowards needs a serious debate.

I hope we can have it on anpther place.

Zeemax said...



I thought that you are being a little partial!

Why did you think so? I never write anything unless I can defend it with verifiable facts:

FP Magazine & Dawn Issue Clarification

The Foreign Policy Magazine has issued clarification on their blog to clarify any misreporting in Pakistani Media in regards to the Best Mayor story.

Joshua Keating at FP Magazine Writes:

Yesterday, we started receiving e-mails from readers and journalists in Pakistan asking for comment on reports that we had named Karachi’s mayor, Mustafa Kamal, “the second best mayor in the world.” This would be an understandable query if we had actually said anything of the sort.

Pakistan’s biggest English-language newspaper, Dawn, then printed a glorified transcription of the mayor’s press release by the government-controlled Associated Press of Pakistan as a front-page story without ever checking with us to see if it was accurate.

According to one reporter, who unlike Dawn contacted us for comment, “Karachi is riddled with banners by the local government, congratulating Mr. Kamal for being declared as second best mayor of the world by the Foreign Policy.”

We hate to rain on Kamal’s parade, and certainly intend him and his city no disrespect, but we simply never ranked him in any way. This entire mess could have been avoided with some very basic fact-checking.

Re "... needs a serious debate. I hope we can have it on another place."

Have the debate here. This is unmoderated except for name-calling and hate-speech.

Zeemax said...

Here's the link to the FP blog posting by its editors:

What FP didn't say about the mayor of Karachi

islamabadobserver said...

Thnaks Sir,

My version is:

My family is Punjabi, they were sort of landlords in India and the Villege is still named under may family, they resisted the occupation and had no choice except to hide in jungles of todays Pakistan.

I wish we can have a seperate topic to clear the misconseptions about 'coward punjabis' who left every thing fighting against British imperialism and the 'Trbal Chiefs' in FATA who presneted their own daughters to British 'Political Agent'.

I mean no disrespect towards Pashtuns, I understand they are as good as any other nationalist but some sold out elements are creating this issue, I have spent time in TA's and understand they they would sell anything from loyality to daughter and from a gun to a drugs and stolen vehicle and fake currency.

We have to debate this issue in interest of Pakistan, I know that Sir povocavlry wont be able to discuss on my blog, so, please start a new topic as 'coward punjabi's' as our friend feels comfortable to discuss history there.

best regards sir.

Zeemax said...


Pavo is not Pushtun as far as I know, so you don't have to get back at him by maligning Pushtuns :)

I hope Pavo replies to his anti-Punjabi/anti-Pakistan streak in a rational manner.

pavocavalry said...

my dear zeemax

the hard fact of the matter is that the punjabi muslims were subjugated by a 8 % sikh minority and this includes the pashtuns of settled districts also.this is a verfiable fact.

saying that tribal pashtuns presented their daughters to british is polemics,unverified hearsay.all along british had to maintain more than three divsion strength in tribal areas or for operations against them.this is a hard fact.can be verified.

right from 1857 till 1947 the punjabi muslims from the barani areas mostly were most reliable british mercenaries.this is a verfiable fact.

i am neither for pashtuns nor punjabis.i am desirous to present historical evidence as it hearsay.

you are my friend so i am here,otherwise it is not my interest to go any forum.

islamabadobserver said...

I have clarified that I mean no disrespect toward Pashtuns, but certainly the 'Tribal Chief's' were and still are loyal as anything to 'political agent' and their loyalities shift from government to Taliban and from CIA to ISI, whoever have a gun better then then or through money before them.

A distortion of history which was created by some UP intellectuals against Punjabi's is widely quoted by semi literate intellectuals.

Fact is that majority in Punjab which supported British rule were brought from Iran, Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia in form of 'Peers' to counter the influance of local punjabi's.

Gillani's, Gardezi's, Makhdum, Khakwani, Qureshi, Syed, .........these all were the ones who worked against Punjabi freedom fighters and even today are 'land lords' with blessings of British.

Similarly, you will find a banglow in Peshawer and agriculture land alloted to all tribal chiefs in settled areas of Punjab.

However TA's remained comparitively safe from mass instalation of 'peers' and gillanis as they are much close society and less wellcoming to people outside their tribes.

I have never started this debate and am least interested to know who is the person doing such propaganda, what I care is anyone who labels a certain region or people and streotypes, has some agenda.

Dulla Bhatti, Malanga, Ahmad Kharal, Dad fatayana, Bhagat Sing......all of them were punjabi and fought against british bravely, now if some one labels 'Punjabi's' as cowards, we can simply call him non sense or working for some force which want to divide Pakistanis on ethnic basis.

islamabadobserver said...

the hard fact of the matter is that the punjabi muslims were subjugated by a 8 % sikh minority and this includes the pashtuns of settled districts also.this is a verfiable fact.

Simply lack of knowledge on your part!

And distortion of history to label Sikh as non punjabi's who ruled 'brave' tribesmen.

You seriously need to study Sikh background, they are invariably Punjabi's.

And this was actually an inter-tribal war between Punjabi's. Mostly Punjai families were divided in to "Sikhs" and Muslim or Hindus. The Sikh religion is not old enough itself ans began as a distortion of Islam /Hinsuism by some Sufi's, the followers were from same Muslim or Hindu families, and invariably relatives.

pavocavalry said...

now here we have people who do not even know punjab history.

british rule in punjab was welcomed by the large majority .the same happened in settled areas of frontier also.

only two tribes resisted the british:--

1-The Kharrals of Gugera under ahmad shah kharral and the dhunds of murree in 1857.

2-these were isolated incidents.all other punjabi population , the majority castes,arains ,gujjars,jats,rajput bhatti and janjuas were staunchly loyal to the british.

3-in all my discussion i have always stated the punjabi sikhs who were just 8 % but ruled the majority.these were mostly jats.or there is something superior in sikh religion ?

4-these are all hard historical facts.self styled experts need to study history of punjab in 1857 in detail.anyone can make a blog but careful and painstaking study is required to get the right facts.

the kharrals and abbasis remained backward castes since 1857 while the majority castes did well who had collaborated with the british staunchly till 1947.i am talking of demographics.

anyhow my aim is to have serious historical discussion.i feel that name calling as nadeem (islamabad observer) is doing is totally non produtive.

Tailpiece--Read the history of gugera in 1857 and you will find that fatianas shamelessly collaborated with british against dear i know the entire tract from kund bohr , choochak.shah bohr to jhamra and satiana dijkot.i know every jaangli caste and every arain jat gujjar and rajput family settled in lyallpur.thats not the issue.we are here for serious discussion.i think my froend simon made a serious error of judgement in stating that islamabad observer is a genuine man.i am very surprised at this type of non serious people.anyhow this is part of life.

pavocavalry said...

now anoyjer fine distinction , in jhang (lyallpur was created later ) and in gugera districts (later sahiwal) the british brought arains,gujjars,rajput janjuas from north central and east punjab and the demographic balance was changed against jaanglis..there were two lambardars in eevery chak in lyallpur one for safed posh and one for jaaanglis...jaanglis are a different race from punjabis just like seraikis are not punjabis.....its a fallacy to call punjabis a race since punjab is a great has more baloch than has pathan punjabis like my dear female friends family in has turks in the salt range....its all complicated....i think i am in the wrong place to discuss all this since name calling is not a polite f9orm of conversation and serious analysis requires a great deal of effort...note that every map on my blog was made after 9 to 18 hours of effort and cross checking from 10 to 15 sources...but in discussion i can bring a marasi from nabi pur piran in shiekhupura and that great man can prove aristotle wrong.....this is the problem with discussions now....too much knowledge of IT and too little knowledge of history...after all we had a commandant of National Defence College who was making emperor humayun alive at second panipat in his book india study in profile,we had general maqbul making elphinstone the viceroy of india at staff college seminar in 1991.but i think we are wasting time.

Majumdar said...

Amin sahib/Zee sahib,

Re: East Pakistan

Pakistan should have been created as two diff nations to begin with. And even MAJ (pbuh) had accepted that. But the problem was that Bengali Hindoos, who constituted majority in West (incl Calcutta) refused to be part of United Bengal (very rightly so in my opinion). Rump East Bengal was a completely unviable unit and wud have been at the mercy of Indians. Similarly, West Pak was unviable and unable to bear the cost of defence against possible invasion from USSR and also chaos in Afghanistan. That is why the two states had to be lumped together.

As a token of admiration I have to put in a word for West Pak. In spite of its failures (which are huge btw) and massive challenges WP has come a long way since 1947 and with a little bit of governance and luck can become a reasonably strong economic entity. It is no more an unviable state as it was feared to be in 1947.


Zeemax said...


Why was West Pakistan considered unviable without East Pakistan in 1947?

Both seem to be doing fine on their own since 1971, given their own particular share of problems of-course.

But I agree these should have been separate countries to begin with.

pavocavalry said...

now the hero who defied genghis khan was jalal ud din shah of khwarzim in central asia...gakhars were also a foreign tribe settled in salt range...jalaluddin had to make peace because he was a run away refugee his fathers great empire destroyed by genghis khan...anyhow it was about jalal that genghis khan is on record having said...i wish i had a son like him...the mongols did not conquer india because of balban the turks professional trained turk army however taimur lang a continuation of mongol did successfully attack and conquer and loot delhi and off course punjab and the pashtun tracts

Zeemax said...


So, are you saying Sir that Jalaluddin had to make peace because he was a run away refugee, and not because Gakhars fought him to a stalemate?

It's better to stay to the point. Now you say Gakhars were a foreign tribe (meaning not Punjabis). Where were they from?

Since I'm a Rana too, I would really like to know which foreign soil my ancestors came from :)

pavocavalry said...

i would recommend you to study chronicles written to testify that jalaluddin was a refugee..this is an irrefutable fact...even the punjabi race is a new term...punjab is a heavy mixture of turks,afghans,even mongols,there were mongols settled in pindi and the oxford history of india or history of india by its own historians edited by elioott and dawson...the rajputs are also originally aryans

pavocavalry said...

there is a caste in gujrat called tatari gujjars...there are the mughals of lehr sultanpur in salt range with blue speaking punjabi...the problem is not punjabi but the small village mentality ...garain south of chenab punjab this is less because of more education...i think that you should dit this very interesting discussion as a main post on your blog



Anonymous said...

what is hurting you more..
Karachi is getting better, helping Pakistan stands strong in the world.., some one is doing really good for Karachi, things are shaping up good for Karachi.
World second best or not.. it is not of importance.. the real question is what is hurting you more.. MQM control of Karachi.. but this is an old story now... Besides that what other big political parties have ever done any thing good for Karachi.. I always heard that Lahore is beautiful coz Nawaz Sharif is making it.. Islamabad is helped by federal govt. but What about Karachi.
Stop being a jealous brat, this is for a City of Pakistan, Karachi, in which you should be a part too..

Zeemax said...


I didn't dispute his work on the ground in Karachi, but only the blatant lie that he had been ranked # 2 mayor in the world.

It was a disgusting misleading of citizens for scoring points - but caught out by the magazine in question to the great embarrassment of Mr. Mustafa Kemal and his parent political party.

Ali Kayani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ali Kayani said...

As being a Kayani(Gakhar). Let me tell you our ancestorx belong to iran.. N we are not punjabis but persian pakistanis.. N if ur intersted to know more bout our tribe, u can search wikipedia for kiani/kayani!


Kiyan ba'ad az Khuda ast.. Khoon e kayani ast!

Anonymous said...

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