Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obsession- Radical Islam's War against the West - II

Further Comment on the entry below:

A valued contributor (Pavocavalry) has made some pertinent observations which I believe merit a separate entry:

"Is it possible that this is done by republicans to malign Obama?"

No I do not. This is some other shadowy pressure group in action.

What I did find surprising is that the 70 newspapers which distributed this DVD as inserts includes the NY Times, considered the Admin's mouthpiece, and wouldn't have done it for the revenue alone.

"Do you think that the Americans are stupid enough to believe this?"

Yes, some are indeed very naive, like the old lady who told McCain during the last debate that Obama was an Arab and she didn't trust him. And he replied "No Ma'am, he's a decent family man, citizen" implying that Arabs can't be decent family men and US citizens all at the same time. Watch below:

"Do you think that obama or mc cain are any different?"

As far as dealings with Muslim areas of conflict are concerned, they're both the same. Though with the difference that Obama is an inexperienced lout with a stick, while McCain is likely to do the same things but in a covert manner.

I didn't think the persistent use of sophomoric Islamophobia like this to further the neo-con cause in the USA since 9/11 needed any further comment, so, I didn't think it was necessary to flog an oft-flogged dead horse in the entry below.


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