Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comments on Regional Shift

Iran and Pakistan and Afghanistan cannot cooperate because Iran traditionally has been their eenemy due to the sectarian factor.This is the situation since last four hundred years.Iran from Mughal times was attacking Mughal provinces of Kandahar.Afghanistn was saved from Iran once the English East India Company landed an Indian Bombay Army force from the sea in 1856 and forced Iran to lift siege of Herat and make peace with Afghanistan.Iran similarly could never make peace with Ottoman Turkey.In Afghanistan the Iranians entered to support the Northern Alliance just because they were enemies of the Talibans who Iran opposed because they were staunch Sunnis.A senior Northern Alliance leader confessed to me that without Iranian support they were finished in 2000.At that time naieve USA was totally missing.

Now in this region thanks to the grand stupidities of USA , a Shia block has been created from Lebanon to Iran including Syria and Iraq and Iran is now trying to secure its eastern borderlands.

It is surprising why the USA has failed to use the Baloch factor against Iran right from 1979.This has been a pathetic strategic failure.I am surprised at the strategic barrenness of US thinkers but then Doug Scherer had well summed it up that they are wet pussies at least at the State Department level.The future lies in divide and rule .In making the dragons kill the dragons rather than wasting energy on killing dragons at a very high cost.That sums up USA's faux pas and grand stratehic failures.May be the military industrial complex in USA made money at the cost of the US common man.


pavocavalry said...

well .....saved by English East India Company from Sikhs and Hindus and survived on US aid since 1954 and later Chinese and Saudi aid.You call it intelligent.And then used Pashtuns for getting dirty US dollars.Yes they are good commission agents the leaders i mean.but then history does not move in straight are right that there is a shia leadership now but shia or sunni they are all a bunch of crooks and con men.they cannot stand the test of real crisis.

Zeemax said...

haha Pavo, I'm not that pessimistic.

Can't dispute your facts though of History, but you forget, my friend, that even the lines on the palm change with time.

Majumdar said...

Amin sahib,

Your views on Indian history seem to be somewhat Punjab-Pushtoon centric. The whole of East (bengal, Orissa and Bihar) was ruled by Nawabs of Bengal, UP by Nawabs of Oudh, most of Deccan by Hyder Ali and Nizam.

Hindoos believe that British rule emancipated Hindoos from Muslim rule.


pavocavalry said...

well i meant Delhi Muslims who were under Marathas from 1770 till 1803.

cliftonbridge said...

I agree with zee. Traditionally england ireland scotland france the US germany etc etc were all hostile to each other. Hell historically Pakistan is a US ally. History does not guarantee or omit future alliances.

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