Saturday, October 4, 2008

Live in Bajaur - Talat Hussain 29 September 2008:


For the tribes, country (mulk) means their own territory, not Islamabad. It's a fallacy to think otherwise. They hate outsiders, and that includes 'all' outsiders, including Pakistani armed forces - befriending them only till they can use their firepower.

A tribal elder says at the end of his quote (not translated in the show ) is that "Za da gutta karey di" - meaning - "They've fingered us".

There're many opinions in this documentary. One must sift and sort between these to get to what the tribes really want.

It seems to me two things are clear. They do not believe in any border between Afghanistan and Pakistan as they live on both sides, while at the same time do not want any foreigners on their soil. Of-course it can only mean non-Afghan foreigners i.e. Uzbeks, Tajiks, others ... the others in the fray.

No dearth of the others in the fray as it stands. But, there's no 'other territorial' Muslim in Taliban ideology.

So, it will be a long war.


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