Monday, January 12, 2009

David Mulford on Pak role in 26/11

Credible material? Information? Don't know if evidence? Not a judge of rules of evidence? FBI associated with preparation of the Dossier?

This is the US ambassador to India saying this. What he's actually saying is the credibility of the dossier is only as much as it was prepared by FBI.

Well ... it is the same FBI which said yellow cake had been sold to Saddam from I don't even remember where in Africa.


Nastasia said...

Evidence? Facts? Credibility?
Yes, basic facts would be good, you should get yours straight as well. It will be impossible to determine the credibility of the FBI on yellowcake, as they had nothing to do with that incident. You're confusing them with the CIA. This means your credibility is only as good as your false assertions too, does it not?

Zeemax said...


Did I say FBI? It should have been CIA. Correct. I write from memory and sometimes words get mixed up, so forgive the small transgressions.

goodeda1122 said...