Friday, December 19, 2008

Zaid Hamid on Iqbal - 16 Nov - 7 Dec 2008

Compilation of a four-part talk series on Iqbal's personal life and teachings, by Zaid Hamid. A two-hour plus treat.

If one filters out some fiery observations by the emotional Zaid Hamid, this series is a gem in knowing Iqbal.


Majumdar said...

Zee sahib,

Dont have AV access at office comp. I guess will have to check elsewhere.

Btw, I presume those "fiery observation" you are referring to wud be his comments on Hindoos. I wud more interested in his obs on Hindoos than on Allama sb's ideology (LOL)


Zeemax said...


No not really about Hindus, but generally about Muslim Ummah.

This is a 'must' watch. All you ever wanted to know about Iqbal but were afraid to ask.

Zeemax said...

... I don't think Iqbal had anything against Hindus at all.

Majumdar said...

Zee sahibb,

He, he... I meant Zaid Hamid's obs about Hindoos. To the best of my knowledge Allama sb had nothing particular against Hindoos or any other faith. He was more interested in regenerating Islam and Muslims esp in the sub-continental context.


Zeemax said...


True. Zaid Sahib hates Hindus :)

That's one of the points where I vigorously oppose the otherwise brilliant gentleman.

goodeda1122 said...